Monday, February 28, 2011

Avishai Cohen: Seven Seas (2011)

New album from the charismatic bassist/composer/singer & band leader Avishai Cohen.
Avishai Cohen is one of the most creative jazz men nowadays and as a bass player, he belongs to the most impressive musicians in modern jazz scene. Along with numerous collaborations with stars such as Kurt Rosenwinkel or Bobby McFerrin, his main part is composing, arranging, playing and performing his own music. Having a knowledge of playing piano, bass guitar and being formally educated in music, his compositions bear marks of classical, trained professionalism, but more importantly, they capture Cohen in his relaxed and cheerful position, being amused by playing music he loves.
Two years from his latest album Aurora, this Israeli-born bass player is releasing new portion of fresh material called Seven Seas, out on 28th February. As an appetizer, he gives the eponymous song for every subscriber to his newsletter for free (get it here, listen to it on my musicAddicted blog). And Seven Seas is amazingly joyful experience. He jumps through those four strings on his double bass elegantly and enthusiastically, while delightful piano (played probably by his long-time collaborator Shai Maestro) powerfully flows around it and Mark Guiliana performs all his percussion/drums tricks. It's captivating, floating, almost mesmerizing. Seven Seas finds Avishai Cohen in his best form - vigorous, full of drive and performing his cheerful, moving ideas. If the entire albums sounds like its first track, it's going to be a candidate for a jazz album of 2011.
Tracklist1. Dreaming
2. About a Tree
3. Seven Seas
4. Halah
5. Staav
6. Ani Aff
7. Worksong
8. Hayo Hayta
9. Two Roses
10. Tres Hermanic Eran
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