Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dark: ST (1986)

This is the original DARK, Mark Nauseef with singer Catherine Guard, percussionist Leonice Shinneman and Mark London Sims on bass, keyboards and percussion. Option Magazine found it a "challenging, complex, subtle and superlative work" while Forced Exposure simply called it "a very great slab of plastic." - from
1. Du Reptile 5:54
2. Even Darker 4:41
3. Happy Days Slash Hate Slash Tatum 7:21
4. Him & Her 3:31
5. Heavy Metal 6:26
6. King Krad 2:00
7. Republic of Darkness 6:59
8. Brenner (For a Rapid Recovery) 2:30
9. The Spectator 3:30
All compositions by M. Nauseef, C. Guard, M. London Sims and L. Shinneman
Personnel:Mark Nauseef (Synthesizers, Drums, African Drums, Bells, Percussion and Vibraphone)
Catherine Guard (Voice and Bottle) - 1-7,9
Mark London Sims (Bass, Percussion, Gongs and Synthetizers) - 1-7,9
Leonice Shinneman (Percussion, Tabla, Kanjira, African Drums, Cymbals and Synthesizer) - 1-8
Walter Quintus (Metal) - 5