Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tass Petridis: ST (2004)

Tass Petridis was born in Greece and raised in Melbourne Australia. He displayed an early affinity for all genres of music and at an early age was proficient on the guitar and bass. Bass and composition was his love and by the age of 18 was working regularly with various bands in Melbourne. Tass studied formally at the Victorian College of Arts were he received his Bachelor of Music degree and the Atheaneum Award of Performance.
In 1994 Tass conducted clinics for Roland Corporation and later for Belman Guitars. Tass has appeared on over 18 albums and has performed with diverse original artists such as Funk R&B bands Ilanda, Disco Montego, Joane / Latin Band Ocaso / Rock with Bob Spencer Band, Angry Anderson, Ross Wilson and has performed with Jazz vocalists Nina Ferro and Julie O'Hara.
Performances for television shows such as Good Morning Australia and Hey Hey its Saturday. His services have graced a variety of television commercials, also session recordings for the musical "The Jackal" featuring Russell Morris. Tass has also been a regular performer for the Australian Music Association Awards.
Since 1994, Tass has worked as an educator on behalf of many private colleges including Melbourne University and the Bass Centre Melbourne.
Tass has currently released his personal self titled album were he showcases an arsenal of some of the finest musicians / vocalists in Australia and displays his abilities both as a bass player and composer / arranger.
01 - Funk You Punk (3:36)
02 - Somebody Stop Me (4:25)
03 - Lifescapes (4:44)
04 - Peace of Mind (4:37)
05 - Interlude (0:49)
06 - Tedds (7:13)
07 - Back 2 Me (4:44)
08 - Fan Tass Tic (5:46)
09 - Mi 7 (4:31)
10 - Bass Song (4:20)
11 - Launch The Monkey (3:28)
12 - You Were Saying? (6:18)
13 - Hello Goodbye (5:11)
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