Saturday, November 19, 2011

Levity Trio & Toshinori Kondo: Chopin Shuffle (2010) [2 CD]

Levity (Jacek Kita, Piotr Domagalski and Jerzy Rogiewicz) achieved an incredible feat of musical agility and imagination - they recorded a double album of pieces based on 24 preludes by Fryderyk Chopin. And while doing it, they retained a sense of humour, spark and kept the listeners glued to the speakers, guessing: is this jazz, rock, or some kind of outer space experience? Toshinori Kondo plays the electric trumpet with them, and other guests appear:
Gaba Kulka wrote the lyrics (in English and French) and sang on "Sans Voix", the piece inspired by Chopin's prelude no. 8 (you can hear a sample of the song in the player on the left).
CD 1:
1. The Funniest Joke
2. Canis Major
3. Fashion Victims
4. Ticking Love
5. Kolberger
6. Grave
7. Riff?49 (Chant Of The Plants)
8. Sans Voix
9. Cieplo
10. Tempus Fungus
11. Elephant Vs Lion
12. 16 Tons?
CD 2:
1. Humans
2. Keya
3. Take Me To The Woods
4. Hommage A Emil Zatopek
5. A Miracle
6. Mchy
7. We Also Have Snow In Poland
8. In C
9. Hennessey
10. Passacaglia - Animals
11. Interludium
12. Finale - Spirits
Jacek Kita - fortepian, pianet, syntezatory, samplery
Piotr Domagalski - kontrabas, gitara basowa, szklanka, papier, odglosy paszcza
Jerzy Rogiewicz - perkusja
Toshinori Kondo - trabka elektryczna
Gaba Kulka - spiew (8)
Grzegorz Uzdanski - recytacja (9)
Raphael Roginski - gitara elektryczna (6)
Tomasz Duda - saksofon barytonowy (12-A, 10-B)
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