Friday, November 11, 2011

Jan Akkerman:10.000 Clowns on a Rainy Day (1997)

This two-CD live album from Dutch musician Jan Akkerman features tracks from his solo recordings, and material from his instrumental prog rock band Focus. In favor of 10,000 Clowns, the overall musical talent is astonishing. Jan's backing band is surprisingly good at handling the melodic, yet complex music, and the man himself is once again inspiring. However, most of the tracks on this live release are rather drawn out, and sober. For example, Ton Dijkman's lengthy drum solos tend to become aggravating after only a few listens, as do Manuel Hugas' well-performed but unentertaining bass solos. By no means is this a particularly weak album, though. Everyone's usual favorites are featured, including "Sylvia," "Focus 3," and "Eruptions." Considering that their studio counterparts are far better recordings, however, 10,000 Clowns is a rather pointless venture. - AMG
Disc 1:
01. Intro (10,000 Clowns On A Rainy Day)
02. Puccini's Cafe
03. Skydancer
04. Eruptions
- Orpheo
- Questions Answers
- Distant Drums
- Puppilla
- Tommy
- Answers Questions
- The New Bridge
- Orpheo
05. Focus 2
06. Pre Madonna
07. Virgin Mary
08. Soft Focus
09. Pedestrians
- Miss En Scene
- Nico's Delight
- J's 2000 Flight
10. No Hang Ups
Disc 2:
01. On the table
- Sylvia
- Under The Table
- Spanish wood
- Antonio (drum solo)
- Leaving The Church Before Singin
- Manual (bass solo)
- On The Table
- Sylvia's Grandmother
02. Am I Losing You
03. Wake Up
04. Focus 3
05. Weedstalker
06. Akkerstones
07. Pool House
08. Quiet Storm