Thursday, October 28, 2010

[By request] Hilario Duran Trio: Motion (2010)

Hilario Duran is about the hottest pianist in any given genre, straddling jazz and Latin music, but sporting brilliance reserved for the Glenn Goulds, Eddie Palmieris, McCoy Tyners, or Oscar Petersons of this mortal world. In a trio with renowned bassist Roberto Occhipinti and drummer Mark Kelso, Duran burns down a whole row of houses on this set of originals and one tune by Ernesto Lecuona, with a tribute to his mentor, Frank Emilio Flynn. He's not shy on any level, ripping up block chords, single lines, and rhythm changes at will, with no regard whatsoever for safe havens. For Duran, everything is a fastest fingers question, blurring lines with remarkable cohesion on "It's Only Seven" in 7/8 time, turning on a dime at will and often, or using hard-edged block chords for a super-fast "Motion." While most of this music pegs the excitement meter, there's one featuring Toronto's Pandamonium Strings, no doubt enhanced by Occhipinti's classical background, and "Danza Negra," which approaches a childlike melody, from the writings of the immortal Lecuona. Then there's "Tango Moruna," distinctly in the ballpark of Chick Corea's Spanish melodicism, as well as a more samba-like than Afro-Cuban tone. Duran's dazzling virtuosity is for listeners seeking to live life to its fullest; he's one of the true genius musicians in modern jazz, with a lot to say and more to come.
01 - It's Only Seven
02 - Conversation With A Lunatic
03 - Havana City
04 - For Emiliano
05 - Tango Moruno
06 - Motion
07 - Danza Negra
08 - Timba en Trampa
Hilario Duran - piano;
Roberto Occhipinti - bass;
Mark Kelso - drums.
Special Guests
Joaquin Hidalgo - vocals & bata
Luis Orbegoso - conga
Jamey Haddad - percussion
The Pandamonium Strings
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