Monday, October 18, 2010

Interactivo: Cubanos Por El Mundo (2010)

The ensamble Interactivo, on Saturday 6th March 2010, presented their last CD “Cubanos por el mundo” with a great concert at Miramar Theatre of La Habana. “Cubanos por el mundo” wants to be a tribute to all the Cubans living around the world.
Interactivo was founded on 2001 and within few years it turned out to be the most interesting musical expression of contemporary fusion Cuban music, embracing many different genres such as, jazz, pop, dancing music, etc. Rather than a formally constituted band, Interactivo is a grouping of individual professional instrumentalists and vocalists who consider Interactivo as a stage where they can freely experiment their musical creativity working together. The pianist and musical arranger Roberto Carcasses is both manager and member of the group. At present, Carcasses is having a great influence on modern Cuban music and has obtained great acknowledgements for his work. Famous artists contributed to some pieces of this nice Album “Cubanos por el mundo” among which there are Santiago Feliu, Francis del Rio and Descemer. Their first CD “Goza pepillo” was published on 2005 and had immediately a great success. The Album won the Gran Premio Cubadisco 2006, receiving the same acknowledgement of the Album “Cancionero cubano” of the famous pianist Chucho Valdes. Always in the same contest, Interactivo, constituted by an average of 30-year-olds, was able to achieve the first places for the categories of Fusion and First Opera.
01- Tocando mientras llueve
02- Chica cubana
03- Chiqui chaca (Cadaver exquisito)
04- Que ya no hay amor
05- Samba de los cotuntos
06- Que no pare el pare
07- Rumba contigo
08- Salí de mi casa un día (Jana)
09- Para alegrarte el corazón
10- Cubanos por el mundo
11- Lluvia de sentimiento
Cubanos por el Mundo
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