Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poogie Bell: Poogie on Shuffle (2009)

This cd is for the real Poogie Bell fans and music fans all over the world! The musicains here are some of the best in world. Only 100 copies of this CD were made!
Personnel: Roberta Flack, David Sanborn, Kenny Garrett, Wallace Roney, Gerald Albright, Ron Cater, Marcus Miller, Maceo Parker, Poogie Bell, Hiram Bullock, Dean Brown, Patches Stewart, Vincent Henry, Bruce Flowers, Bobby Sparks, Keith Anderson, Rashard Barnes, Chris Parker, Dwayne Dolphin, Jeremy Mcdonald, Casey Benjamin, Josh Rosemen, Tony Depaolis, Gene Stovale, Sonji Woodward, Chris Hemingway, Andre Smith, Asa Livingston.
Playing and singing everything from funk, jazz, rock, R&b. Poogie on Shuffle is just what it means!
01. Miss Alice 4:05
02. Brother J 4:47
03. Love Vibe 4:39
04. Sunshine 3:16
05. Sara Knows All 4:48
06. Joburgh 4:31
07. So! ?3:57
08. Kendras Blues 5:57
09. Forte Green 5:40
10. Brazillian Thing 4:47
11. Yaki Soba 5:59
Poogie On Shuffle
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