Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chris Minh Doky: Scenes from a Dream (2010)

The new project of Vietnamese-Danish bass player Chris Minh Doky (born 1969) includes Peter Erskine (bass) and Larry Goldings (piano) with Vince Mendoza and The Metropole Orchestra. Mendoza's arrangements for orchestra gives several of the instrumentals a grand American expression - no matter that one of the tracks, the band puts its stamp on American, Danish Peace rests over the country. A few tracks are pure trio numbers, and they exude Nordic melancholy. But whether the constellation of one or the second number is one or the other, says Minh Doky sensual bass playing as central to the album, which as a whole is nice and with compositions such. Arthos II All Is Peace and Rain contains several decidedly profound and beautiful songs.
01. The Cost Of Living
02. Arthos II
03. Fred Hviler Over Land Og By
04. Rain
05. All Is Peace/Ru Con Mien Bac
06. Vienna Would
07. I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro
08. Julio And Romiet
09. Dear Mom
Scenes from A Dream
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