Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stefano di Battista: Parkers Mood (2004)

Italian saxophonist Stefano di Battista's second release for Blue Note finds him paying tribute to legendary jazz alto saxophonist Charlie Parker. Fittingly titled Parker's Mood, the album is a stellar collection of Parker-penned tracks as well as songs the jazz innovator made famous. Altoist and occasional soprano man di Battista showcases a lithe and brisk feel that often tends toward swiftly percussive bop, especially when tackling such '40s standards as "Salt Peanuts" and "Donna Lee." Joining di Battista here are the always capable rhythm section luminaries of pianist Kenny Barron and drummer Herlin Riley, as well as longtime di Battista compadres bassist Rosario Bonaccorso and trumpeter Flavio Boltro. While the album is a straight-ahead affair, tracks such as "Hot House" and "Congo Blues" benefit from Riley's creative Latin cum second line and impeccable swing, respectively. As such, Parker's Mood is a solid, no-nonsense mainstream jazz affair. ~ Matt Collar
1. Salt Peanuts (D.Gillespie/K.Clarke) 2:49
2. Embraceable You (G.& I.Gershwin ) 9:33
3. Night In Tunisia (D.Gillespie/F.Paparelli) 5:00
4. Parker's Mood (C.Parker) 5:17
5. Confirmation (C.Parker) 5:12
6. Donna Lee (C.Parker) 3:24
7. Laura (D.Raskin/J.Mercer) 6:47
8. Hot House (T.Dameron) 3:58
9. Congo Blues (C.Parker) 2:26
10. Round Midnight (T.Monk) 7:10
Stefano di Battista: alto & soprano saxophone
Kenny Barron: piano (except on track 8)
Rosario Bonaccorso: bass
Herlin Riley: drums
Flavio Boltro: trumpet on tracks 1,3,5,8
Parker's Mood (Edition Standard)
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