Monday, October 18, 2010

Hilario Durán and latin Jazz Big Band: From the Heart (2006)

This album is dedicated "to all the great Cuban conductors that I have had the opportunity to work with: Rafael Somavilla, Armando Romeu, Adolfo Guzman, Tony Taño, Rembert Egües, and Germán Pifferrer among others. Dedicated as well to Ernesto Lecuona, Lilí Martínez, Antonio María Romeu, Peruchín, Richard Egües, Chucho Valdés and all the other great composers, arrangers and musicians of the first order who inspired and pushed me to grow in my career. This recording is a tribute to you." -- Hilario Durán
1. Mambo Influenciado - 5:20
2. From the Heart - 6:35
3. Habanera in Spain - 5:45
4. Angel Eyes - 4:25
5. Paq Man - 5:45
6. T'Dot Cha Cha Cha - 6:05
7. Moon Face Again - 5:34
8. Rumba for Chano - 1:22
9. Blem Blem Blem - 4:42
10. Farewell - 7:10
alto sax, clarinet: Paquito D'Rivera
drums: Horacio "El Negro" Hernández"
piano: Hilario Durán
bass, consiglieri: Roberto Occhipinti
guitar: Rob Piltch
timbales: Rosendo "Chendy" León
congas, bongó, batá, güiro: Joaquín Hidalgo
trumpet: Alexis Baró, Alex Kundakcioglu,
Brian Okane, Jason Logue
alto sax: John Johnson, Luis Denis, Vern Dorge
tenor sax: Quinsin Nachoff, Jeff King
baritone sax: Perry White, Pol Coussee
trombone: Alistair Kay, Phil Gray, William Carn
bass trombone: Colin Murray
vocals: Dione Taylor
strings: Recorded in Moscow with the Globalis Orchestra, conducted by Roberto Occhipinti
From The Heart
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