Friday, October 29, 2010

Walter Beasley: Backatcha! (2010)

According to his website Walter Beasley is the highest selling full-time Professor/Recording Artist in modern history. He describes himself as musical "Renaissance Man" for the modern generation or the heir to Grover Washington Jr.'s throne.
Behind these titles you find a man, who has devoted his life to music. A man, who walked through ups and downs and has found his inner peace. Beasley's success as an educator is his seven-day a week work ethic. "I'm in love with my work and this wonderfully crazy work ethic." No wonder, that he surprises us with a new album nearly every year.
His new album is entitled Backatcha! and will be available Oct. 25, 2010. Walter comments: "There are no words to express how I feel about the new album. This in my opinion is my best studio project ever. Thanks to all for everything."
Walter Beasley is joined on this project by multi-instrumentalist Chris Davis, who produced and performed on most of the tracks, further musicians are Phil Davis (keys), Sonny Emory (drums), Sam Sims (bass), Sean Michael Ray (bass), Derrick Cummings (guitar), Carl Carter (bass), Wayne Bruce (guitar), Tommy Copeland (guitar) and Tiffany Davis (background vocals).
Catch the swiftness and give her the groove, then you reach the Expressway. Right of the kitchen of Chris "Big Dog" Davis, who produced a lot of good music from Marion Meadows to Kim Waters. Legendary Isaac Hayes composed and performed Ellie's Theme for the popular movie Shaft. Walter's awesome rendition motivates me to listen to these timeless soundtracks.
Five Stairsteps' OOh Child was a huge hit. The impressing melody justifies Walter's sensitive interpretation. Another R&B hit is Smokey Robinson's Baby That's Backatcha, his first single in his solo career after the depature from The Miracles. With his cover Walter pays tribute to this great singer.
On Find Your Love Walter Beasley catches up with contemporary R&B. Originally performed by the Canadian singer Drake and released on May, 2010, the song encompass modern elements like vocal processing with Antares' auto-tune. The Stylistic's Hurry Up This Way Again is at first performed by Tiffany Davis in a solid way, before Walter decided to give his rendition some pepper.
Finally we arrived the section of Walter's own compositions. Walter starts with The Call, a lovely song with African flavored vocals. The emotional heartfelt ballad Simply Put is a musical act of pure romantic. When You Least Expect It, Walter chooses a hard beat to a slow and stately melody. Finally he takes a jazzy twist and turn around.
Beasley's Backatcha! offers soulful renditions and also music outside this comfort zone. His audience will like both as part of Beasley's identity.
01. Lovely Day [4:00]
02. Expressway [4:12]
03. Ellie's Theme [3:57]
04. Ooh Child [3:49]
05. Baby That's Backatcha [3:43]
06. Find Your Love [3:42]
07. Hurry Up This Way Again [4:41]
08. The Call [4:49]
09. Simply Put [4:31]
10. When You Least Expect It [4:42]