Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Benny Greb: Brass Band (2009)

The second album from Benny Greb, the internationally celebrated drummer. While his first album “Grebfruit” (2005) was an a capella album, his new one is a declaration of love to one of the great traditional roots of jazz: New Orleans’ brass bands. With an incredible joy of playing the quartet decant a surprisingly many-folded cocktail of fat, yet frail grooves and a truly rattling brass band sound. “I always love it when musician who are known for a certain kind of style start playing songs, which are not typical for their genre, while still keeping a the true sound of their instruments. That always sounds amazing”, muses Benny.
Benny Greb – drums;
«Reverend» Uli Krug – sousaphone (a large brass wind instrument, similar in range to the tuba, adapted tobeing carried in marching bands);
Reiner Winterschladen – trumpet;
Sebastian Hoffmann – trombone.
01. Good Question
02. Icestattin
03. Detective
04. 3/5 Tel
05. Outtasite
06. Kanton
07. Nodding Hill
08. Prelude (Hotdog)
09. Potdog
10. Schaf
11. Next Question
12. Polka
13. Sweetbelt
14. Good Night
Benny Greb Brass Band
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