Friday, December 31, 2010

Christian Escoudé: Catalogne (2010)

Christian Escoudé (born 1947 in Angoulême, Charente) is a jazz guitarist from France. He grew up in Angoulême and is of Romani people descent on his father's side. His father was a guitarist too and influenced by Django Reinhardt. Christian became a musician at 15 and starting in 1972 he worked in a trio with Aldo Romano. By the 1980s he had success in a quartet with John Lewis. He also played with Philip Catherine for a time. In his forties he received a contract with the French division of Verve Records.
01. Moulin rouge (C. Escoude) 2’40
02. Choti (D. Reinhardt) 2’57
03. Made in France (B. Lagrene) 2’29
04. Delphine a Lancien (M. Legrand) 2’46
05. Tango pour Christian (J.B. Laya) 4’24
06. Moonlight serenade (G. Miller) 3’21
07. Catalogne (C. Escoude) 5’59
08. Gypsy talk (C. Escoude) 4’44
09. The mooche (D. Ellington) 4’54
10. Chicago (F. Fisher) 3’25
11. Quelquefois (Pour que ma vie demeure) (D. Reinhardt) 5’26
12. Begin the beguine (C. Porter) 3’36
13. Smoke gets on your eyes (O. Harbach/J. Kern) 5’34
Christian Escoude : guitare
Jean-Baptiste Laya : guitare
David Reinhardt : guitare
Thomas Savy : clarinette
Anne Paceo : batterie
Daryl Hall : contrebasse
Fiona Monbet : violon
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