Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celine Bonacina trio inviting Nguen Le: Way of Life (2010)

It was a recommendation of ACT guitarist Nguyen Le that first brought the French baritone saxophonist Celine Bonacina to the attention of label boss Siggi Loch. Once again the exchange and sense of community within the "ACT Family" has provided the impetus for an exceptional musical discovery. In this way Esbjorn Svensson, for example, played in Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit before his international career with e.s.t. whilst Korean singer, Youn Sun Nah, came to ACT through her work with Ulf Wakenius and Lars Danielsson. Nguyen Le first met Celine Bonacina in 2008 at a festival. “She told me that my album Bakida (ACT 9275-2) had had a strong influence on her musical development. Then, two years later, she asked me to play on a few tracks of her new album Way of Life. Since then, my involvement in the album has grown continuously from guitarist to sound engineer to co-producer. That the album is now being released by ACT makes me especially happy for Celine.“
1.ZigZag Blues - 03:21
2.Course pour Suite - 04:17
3.Ra Bentr'ol - 06:05
4.Wake Up - 03:52
5.Free Woman - 04:56
6.Travel Story - 04:44
7.Ekena - 04:54
8.Deep Red - 01:34
9.RAB - 01:58
10.Histoire de - 02:53
11.Jungle - 05:02
12.Entre deux Reves - 07:47
13.Toty Come Bach - 00:52
Way Of Life
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