Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rosario Giuliani: Lennie's Pennies (2010)

For years, Rosario Giuliani has an excellent work on alto sax and composition, as confirmed last studio effort for the home French label Dreyfus, with whom he recorded a long time. The trio rhythmic that supports it is truly exceptional: the emerging pianist Pierre De Bethmann, Darryl Hall, bass sound and responsible and, last but not least, Joe Barbera, a veteran drummer of the last incarnation of the trio of Bill Evans the late seventies (and hear sounds you can imagine why).
Just a classic Evans also played with Stan Getz, "The Peacocks" and puts emphasis on the skill of the drummer away from the lyricism of the leader. Another classic reinvented for the occasion is, of course bearing the title of the disc, "Lennie's Pennies", a composition of the important founder Lennie Tristan. On "Lennie's Pennies" the Italian saxophonist offers a rigorous improvisation which seals an act of love both to the aesthetics of the pianist as of his most celebrated, the altista Lee Konitz, surely one of inspiring models for Giuliani. There is also a ballad "test" as "How deep is the ocean?" Irving Berlin, here dealt with maturity and respect. A further recovery this page marks a decided change of pace instead to electric atmospheres: "74 Miles Away" by Joe Zawinul: a funky vamp a long solo inspired leader. Always the same rhythm, the climate is can listen to "Over Lines", an original composition by Rosario Giuliani where a hot improvisation, continuous repetition of riffs played on me personally remember some evidence of saxophonist Eddie Harris, a name perhaps little remembered today but had a significant experimental using the electric saxophone in a jazz context with a lot of black and r & b-tinged colors Among other original compositions by Giuliani surely you do notice the lyrical and sensual "peak" and a good reason latin: "Goldfish".
1. Lennie's Pennies (Tristano) 4:19
2. Love Letters (Heyman, Young) 4:54
3. How Deep Is The Ocean (Berlin) 4:02
4. 74 Miles Away (Zawinul) 4:24
5. Picchi (Giuliani) 4:49
6. Over Lines (Giuliani) 4:21
7. Dear Father (Giuliani) 5:31
8. The Peacocks (Rowles) 5:11
9. Un Des Sens (DeBethmann) 6:45
10. Goldfish (Giuliani) 4:53
11. Patience (DeBethmann) 4:54
Lennie's Pennies
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