Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Rippingtons: Côte D'Azur (2011)

Guitarist Russ Freeman says The Rippingtons are more an "instrumental pop band" than a jazz group. Instrumental pop machine would be closer. Wind the band up, and it cranks through its set efficiently, professionally and without much of a hint of heart. The band made its first appearance at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in the North Side Thursday, offering such songs as "Cote d'Azur" and "Sainte Maxine" from an upcoming album, "Modern Art" from its current release and the hit "Black Diamond." In a way, they all sounded the same, but those songs seemed to please the enthusiastic crowd. That is not to hint the Rippingtons are bad. They all are talented musicians. Bassist Rico Belled and drummer Dave Karasony had particularly good outings. But they put on a show you have seen before from any number of bands. They mug from the stage, they dance, they grin at each other. It's all very cute. At its best, jazz is a music of the moment, but all the moments are the same for The Rippingtons. -- Bob Karlovits
01. Côte D’Azur
02. Le Calypso
03. Bandol
04. Sainte Maxime
05. Postcard From Cannes
06. Passage To Marseilles
07. Provence
08. Riviera Jam
09. Rue Paradis
10. Mesmerized
Cote D'Azur
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