Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nils Gessinger: Burning (2006)

Burning - The fourth album from composer, arranger and Rhodes-virtuoso Nils Gessinger blows Funk, Soul and Jazz in your ears. Again it's the mixture of groove and perfection that makes the characteristic Gessinger sound. The musical claim is based on the colourful diversity of the compositions, the powerful soul voices of the singers, the arrangements with incisive horncharts as well as the playful joy of a big ensemble.
The technical claim becomes manifest in the virtuosity of soloist like Peter Weniger (sax) or Joe Gallardo (tb) as well as Gessinger being flying to Los Angeles just to record six tracks with drum legend Vinnie Colaiuta. This formula of passion and accuracy led to invitations to big festival stages like North Sea Jazz Festival The Hague or Montreux and sharing the stage with Spyro Gyra or George Benson. Not to mention his dexterity at the piano being engaged by greats like Patti LaBelle, Dee Dee Bridgewater, the NDR BigBand or Herb Geller. „Burning“ continues the line of successful albums like „Ducks'n'cookies“ (feat. Herb Geller - sax), „Scratch Blue“ (feat. Robben Ford - git) and „Jam It Up!“ (feat. Dave Weckl - drums). Nils Gessinger's tunes can easily be recognized but still take you by surprise with their stylistic variety.
01. Burning (3:55)
02. Holiday Me (4:01)
03. Cuna (6:24)
04. Cicale (5:09)
05. Double Threat (5:24)
06. Star Crazy (4:51)
07. Flap (4:56)
08. Frozen (4:04)
09. Stepping Along (5:30)
10. In Sight (4:41)
11. Slam (4:46)
12. Integrity (4:42)
13. Get That Lick, Attig! (5:38)
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