Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adam Nitti: Luminal (2009)

Adam Nitti has always played the bass with a lot of energy. His performance on Liminal, his latest CD release, is no exception. Surrounding himself with a first-rate band, including Mike Whittaker on keyboards, Shane Theriot on guitar, Marcus Finnie on drums and Jeff Coffin on tenor sax, Nitti’s newest effort is outstanding on many levels.
First off is the fact that Nitti not only produced the album, but also composed and arranged all the tunes, which he performs using a combination of 5- and 6-string basses. Careful not to make Liminal “just another bass record,” Adam takes an unselfish approach, giving plenty of room to the other band members to stretch out, treating everyone with equal importance. (Don’t worry, bass enthusiasts – there is still plenty of stellar bass playing, including slapping, tapping and other techniques that can be executed by no one other than Adam Nitti.)
Liminal is cohesive, yet also contains plenty of variety, always keeping the listener engaged. The compositions are strong, the arrangements are well written and the performance is great throughout. Making the CD even more enjoyable is the crystal clear production and overall sound quality.
Adam Nitti, already firmly established in the bass community, is still quite young, which makes one wonder what we can expect from him as his career continues to develop. If Liminal is any indication of how his talents and artistry are unfolding, there’s good news ahead for music lovers in general and bass lovers in particular.
01- The Renaissance Man/Rebirth [06:45]
02- Distraction [06:40]
03- Liminal [06:26]
04- Redemption Street [09:03]
05- The Seven Year Swing [06:47]
06- The Last Walk Home (Nakita's Song) [01:48]
07- Not Foresaken [06:04]
08- The Good Foot [06:53]
09- II Cuore Del Campione (for Christophe) [07:36]
10- (Hidden Track) Vivere I'Aperitivo [04:35]