Thursday, January 13, 2011

Agusti Fernandez: Morning Glory (2010)

Morning Glory rises as a monument dedicated to all music; music that has come and gone, music in the making, and music yet to come. Any genre, any emotion, any referent finds expression in this work, where introspection (“An Anonymous Soul”) mixes with euphoria (“Morning Glory”), love (“La nina de la calle Ibiza”) with grieving over a love that shall remain unspoken (“Mourning”), and a wink at baroque forms (“Benito”) with one at Ornette Coleman (“Zahori”)... Two sides of a coin, and a strong enough argument to accept the invitation extended by these three boatmen to enlist on a journey where relentless search, uncertain outcomes, and constant surprises are the leitmotiv for them surely, but for us as well.
Agusti Fernandez - Piano
Barry Guy - Double Bass
Ramon Lopez - Drums and Percussion
Disc One Morning Glory
01. La Nina de la Calle Ibiza
02. Morning Glory
03. Unfinished Letter
04. Zahori
05. An Anonymous Soul
06. Perpetuum Mobile
07. Benito
08. The Magical Chorus
09. Glade
10. Mourning A Sudden Appearance
11. Belvedere
Disc Two Live in New York
01. Don Miguel
02. Odyssey
03. Can Ram
04. David M
05. Aurora
06. No Ni No
07. Rounds
2-disc set containing Morning Glory and Live in New York
CD 1 Recorded 5 & 6. February 2010 in 44.1 Estudi de Gravacio, Girona
CD 2 Recorded live 14. May 2009 in the Jazz Standard, New York
Morning Glory
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