Tuesday, January 11, 2011

David Binney: Aliso (2010)

For his fourth Criss Cross leader date, alto saxophonist-composer David Binney convenes his primary New York working quartet of the 2000s (pianist Jacob Sacks, bassist Eivind Opsvik, and drummer Dan Weiss), adds to the mix guitar hero Wayne Krantz, with whom he works frequently in an electronica-oriented group, and augments the proceedings with several appearances by British pianist-composer John Escreet, a frequent partner in recent years. The leader plays with deep emotion and the concision of an old master; it's as strong a date as any in Binney's now sizable discography.
1. Aliso (7:55)
2. A Day In Music (7:54)
3. Toy Tune (8:51)
4. Strata (9:14)
5. Teru (4:59)
6. Fuchsia Swing Song (6:27)
7. Bar Life (5:56)
8. Think Of One (7:44)
9. Africa (13:58)
Personnel :
David Binney - alto saxophon
Wayne Krantz - Guitar
John Escreet - Piano
Jacob Sacks - piano
Eivind Opsvik - bass
Dan Weiss - drums
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