Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paul Hardcastle: Desire (2011)

The timing could not be more perfect for the release of 'Desire'- in time for the Valentine's holiday. Long considered the purveyor of sexy and sensual sides, Hardcastle gathers many of his most intimate soundscapes from the past 20 years, complimented by three brand new tracks, 'Valentines,' featuring the vocals of daughter Maxine, 'Ready or Not,' and 'Dont You Know (Ibiza Chill Mix),' the sum of which is, as the title suggest, the ultimate album of seduction.
Named after one of the most popular hits, 'Desire' seems the apt title for the assemblage of songs rife with feeling and emotion that will surely provide the perfect soundtrack for any holiday or occasion that speaks of feelings for a loved one.
A must have for Hardcastle fans and lovers alike.
01. Desire (4:23)
02. Valentines (3:44)
03. Forever Dreamin' (4:46)
04. Closer (4:51)
05. Wonderland (4:49)
06. Lost Summer (5:16)
07. Same Place Same Time (5:50)
08. Lost In Space (4:54)
09. Smooth Jazz Is Bumpin (4:07)
10. Cloud Watching (5:28)
11. Ready or Not (4:15)
12. Don't You Know [Ibiza Chill Mix] (4:50)
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