Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carol Morgan Trio: Opening (2010)

Opening is an album so rich in the intricacies of melody that it never fails to surprise at every turn. The saddest aspect of the album is that it is all too short. But the biggest surprise of all is Carol Morgan, a trumpeter who seems to have awakened the urge to find parallels in phrasing with the great Clarence Shaw. The often discussed "talking" style of playing attributed to men like Shaw, as well as trumpet players such as Louis Armstrong, Jabbo Smith, Bubber Miley and Rex Stewart, finds its new epitome in Carol Morgan. Her "trumpet voice" is raw and husky, and it often slips into a velvety intonation that is so seductive it's impossible to resist. It stuns the inner ear into a kind of rapture that comes from being completely captivated by her sound. The notes she plays—no matter how brisk the pace of the song is—are flawless. And because she has an uncanny sense of finding the right note to begin with, her phrases are brilliantly crafted and become lines that are as narrative in a riveting way as they are lyrical. With this album, Carol Morgan has clearly arrived and is set to take the trumpet world by storm. --Raul d'Gama Rose, AAJ
1. Opening Line
2. Nica's Dream
3. Celia
4. Dark Continent
5. Like Someone In Love
6. Prince Albert
7. Sizzle
8. Calypso Blue
Carol Morgan - trumpet
Harvie S - bass
Rich DeRosa - drums
Woody Witt - saxophone (tracks 2,8)
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