Monday, January 24, 2011

Lauren Jordan: Dreams (2010)

When I first put on this CD I immediately was struck by the fact that it was excellently recorded, balanced and mixed. Off to a great start. I have to say that no matter how good a singer, guitar player or band is if the mix ani’t got it then I just tend to pass it on by ---- but not this one. Not in the least. I’ll get to Ms Lauren in a minuet but right now I’ll address the band.
Guitar, Anthony Paule, what a smooth sweet tone he plays with and develops. Most of the time I know at the drop of an eighth note what guitar a cat is playing but this Paule has the cross between that tube amped ‘Strat’ and a fat solid bodied ‘Paul sound. Nice. Very very tasty. If you love that smooth guitar then Anthony is your guitar man. Bass, Paul Olguin, a musician who plays with the band and not against it. One of my pet peeves is a bass player who over drives everyone on stage or in the studio. Not Paul. He knows all the right notes and all the right levels. My kind of player. Keys, Julie Wolf, great keys seasoned just right and every now and then a pinch of that soulful sound I love so well the B3 sound. Drums, maybe the best for last? I really can’t say that with those guitar licks still right in front of me but Lee Thompson lays down the beat like a man torn between old style big band rhythms and an old school James Brown drummer held back for all he’s worth. Very very cool. All in all a band worth taking notice of now, on CD or live!
Now lets get to Ms Lauren Jordan - I’ll admit the first hand full of tracks were the kind of blues one puts on, pulls up their cutie and pours a glass of fine red wine to enjoy along with the music. That is until I got to track 6, ‘Stuck On A Plane’. Baby if this gal never studied the music of Janis Joplin I’ll be a monkeys uncle. Slow, sweet and about to explode at any second. You could cut her tension with a knife. Liquid dynamic with the drums laying down the style of less is more. My kind of playing.
It took several tacks for this CD to truly get my attention but now its got it. ‘Stuck On A Plane’, here comes that sprinkling of the Hammond sound, guitar leading strong but subtle block chord changes ------ building, building building! Oh yeah baby! This is the sleeper gem of the whole CD. Now you won’t want to fast dance to this one but grab your baby and slow dance the night away with her, Lauren and the entire band! Next is Angels Flying High. Hell Yes! More of that Janis inspired soulful Blues, can’t be missed. I’m not going to tell you about every track on the CD except that within the recording are some of the tastiest tracks I’ve heard in a long long time!
01. Warm-Up
02. Hollywood
03. Let Me Fly Away
04. Kallie
05. Little Diamond
06. Stuck On A Plan
07. As I Am
08. I'm Tellin' You
09. Smokin' Train
10. Heaven Or Hell
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