Friday, April 8, 2011

Balkan Horses Band: Contact, Part One (2003)

During the last few decades the existence of dictatorships and totalitarian rule in the countries of the region raised confrontation in a political, economical and cultural aspect. As a result the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula separated themselves in closed systems, not knowing the cultural and public life of their neighbors. We witnessed the bursting genocide on the territory of former Yugoslavia, exercising strong destabilizing influence over the relations between different ethnic groups in the other Balkan states, as well. In spite of these somewhat artificially created clashes the Balkans continue to be a united field of culture and spirit, the most explicit expression of which we find in the sphere of arts and most of all music.
UNESCO’s proclaiming the year of 2000 as the International Year of Culture and Peace inspired AQUA STORM Music and Performing Arts Agency to be the initiator of the idea of creation of a Balkan Cultural Project in the field of Ethno and World Music. Nine of the most distinguished Ethno, Rock, Jazz, Ambience and New Age composers and performers participated in the Balkan Horses Band International orchestra.
Tamara Obrovac (Croatia) - voice, wooden flute
Vlatko Stefanovski (Macedonia) – guitar, composer
Theodosii Spassov (Bulgaria) - kaval, voice, composer
Aleksandar Sanja Ilic (Serbia) – piano, composer
Kostas Theodorou (Greece) - double bass, composer
Emil Bucur (Romania) - panpipe
Hakan Beser (Turkey) - percussion
Stoyan Yankoulov (Bulgaria) - tupan, drums, composer
Krassi Jeliazkov (Bulgaria) - acoustic guitars, tamboura
01 – BALKAN 2000 ( 9.20)
02 – TOUCH THE MOON (8.06)
03 – FRIEND’S SONG (8.42)
04 – GYPSY SONG (7.00)
05 – VIKI’S SONG (5.18)
06 – ANATHEMA (11.59)
07 – KALAJDZISKO ‘ORO (10.02)
Contact: Part One
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