Friday, April 8, 2011

Balkan Horses Band: Part 2 (2004)

Recorded live June 2001 at the Antique Theatre, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
This second CD to the concerts given in Plovdiv has more of a jam session feeling about it.
Tamara Obrovac (Croatia) - voice, wooden flute
Vlatko Stefanovski (Macedonia) – guitar, composer
Theodosii Spassov (Bulgaria) - kaval, voice, composer
Aleksandar Sanja Ilic (Serbia) – piano, composer
Kostas Theodorou (Greece) - double bass, composer
Emil Bucur (Romania) - panpipe
Hakan Beser (Turkey) - percussion
Stoyan Yankoulov (Bulgaria) - tupan, drums, composer
Krassi Jeliazkov (Bulgaria) - acoustic guitars, tamboura
1. Black Mile 7:36 (Obrovac)
2. Danube’s Bank 16:10 (Balkan Horses Band)
3. Bridges 4:35 (Theodorou)
4. Kostas from Skidra 11:01 (Spassov)
Contact, Part 2
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