Friday, April 1, 2011

European Jazz Trio: Vienna Forest (2010)

Frans van der Hoeven (bass), Roy Dackus (drums) and Marc van Roon (piano) make up this multi-genre trio that straddles the boundaries between classical, jazz, pop and film scores. Adopting everyone from Beethoven to Tchaikovsky, the group smoothes out the various pieces to add a personal touch.
Popular in Japan, the group includes well-known pieces, such as Antonin Dvorak’s “4 Romanticke kusy op.75-4,” from his Romantic Kiss series and George Frideric Handel’s “Violin Sonata op. 1-13.”
The trio, who has released more than 15 albums together, is a well-oiled collaboration between artists. Unfortunately, at times, numbers blur together to form a somewhat bland — albeit beautiful — blend of music.
01. Tempest 4:01
02. Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 7 4:34
03. Thais Meditation 5:03
04. Frau 5:02
05. Sentimental Waltz 5:41
06. Love Greetings 4:46
07. Blue Danube 6:28
08. Beethoven Sinfonie Movement 2 4:05
09. Henderubaiorin sonata 3:20
10. Wiener Blut 6:00
11. Vier romantische Stucke 5:58
12. Herenitee 4:26
13. Mathew's passion 5:23
Marc van Roon on Piano,
Frans van der Hoeven on bass
Roy Dackus on drums
Vienna Forest
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