Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pasqualino Ubaldini: Girovaghi notturni (2010)

"Girovaghi notturni" is born from the demand to describe the world of the outcasts, of the cultural intolerances, and of the mental distances, that until they too often flow in episodes of violence, to which must not accustom us!! The difference and I exchange him/it they are between the first forms of growth and sharing. The fear of the different one produces isolation, closing and atrofizzazione of the thought. I have wanted to tell this, me that I live in Rome, and that I frequently come upon me in episodes that represent such regression. Have wanted to simply tell him/it, and still with my tools, classical guitar, Arabic oud and bouzouki, that testify the desire and the beauty of the to acquire, not only play, but ways of way of living and experiences! I have imagined a zingarata, a nighttime vagabondage, a journey that should accompany every human being in his/her natural development. I have thought at night about this trip in moments and situations in which the look mostly results focused toward some shades that, magically they take life, and they tell his/her own realities, his/her own trips and his/her own histories. All have a history to tell! A crossed journey! A suitcase that you/they bring behind him. His/her own life. Surely sort of are wrong, but not for this deprived of emotions and feelings and not calpestabile! A thought to that "Wander about nighttime", that sink the footsteps in the wet pavements as me, or to the edges of a park, above a bench, in a glass of wine, To the boys that play, to whom has found or lost his/her love, to whom hopes in a pleasant I meet, to who incazzato is, to whom is alone but has always been him/it, All have a history, all must respect her/it! ... From here they begin the most beautiful trips!
1 Stazioni metropolitane  9:46
2 Incontri   4:37
3 Gatti randagi (Agebz)  7:16
4 Girovaghi notturni (Alif)  3:51
5 Strade deserte  5:03
6 Il sogno del Clochard  4:53
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