Monday, April 4, 2011

Klaus Doldinger's Passport: Blues Roots (1991)

Passport was initiated in 1970 as a jazz fusion experimental group, similar to American groups such as Weather Report. The ensemble's first recording was issued in 1971, and through the 1970s had a constantly revolving membership, though it continued to release albums frequently. The group was active into the 2000s, recording for Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records among others.
Klaus Doldinger's Passport (Blues Roots) Featuring Johnny Copeland is something different than the other Passport releases of the early 90's. It has an unmistakable Gospel influence and has a number of tunes with vocals.
01 - Blues Roots
02 - Inner City Blues
03 - Lousiana Sunset
04 - Time Signal
05 - Born Under A Bad Sign
06 - Blue Avenue
07 - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
08 - How Did You Know
09 - Love Utopia
10 - Idgo Now
Klaus Doldinger - saxophone, flute
Roberto di Giola - piano
Peter O'Mara - Guitar
Joshen Schmidt - Bass
Ernst Stroer - percussion
Wolfgang Haffner - Drums
Johnny "Clyde" Copeland - Vocal, Guitar
Blues Roots
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