Monday, April 11, 2011

Nana Vasconcelos: Sinfonia & Batuques (2011)

One of the most complex albums we've heard in years from percussionist Nana Vasconcelos – a set that's still much more "batuques" than "sinfonia" – although there are some larger arrangements on the record at times! Nana's definitely got some help from a range of musicians for the record – none of the sparer, nearly-solo modes of other sets – but there's still a nicely earthy execution to most numbers, especially once the record gets going – a great sense of space and soundplay, really reaching back to some of Vasconcelos' best 70s moments, but complicating things up nicely too. Titles include "Santa Maria", "Po De Chineto", "Chorrindo", "Aquela Do Milton", "Batuque Nas Aguas", and "Menininha Mae".
1- Menininha Mae
2- Batuque nas Aguas – Aquela do Milton
3- Mistйrio
4- Pra Elas
5- Sinfonia & Batuques
6- Pedalando
7- Lamentos
8- Chorrindo
9- Pу de Chinelo
10- Santa Maria
11- Caneгo para Nanile
12- Recife Nage
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