Monday, April 11, 2011

Stanley Clarke: If This Bass Could Only Talk (1988)

This was bassist Stanley Clarke's twelfth solo set, and one of his very few that would be recommended to jazz (as opposed to funk and R&B) listeners. On the instrumental set, Clarke's bass is featured in a wide variety of settings, including duets with tap dancer Gregory Hines and drummer John Robinson, a quartet with Wayne Shorter ("Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"), in a power trio with guitarist Allan Holdsworth and drummer Stewart Copeland, a piece with George Duke (on acoustic piano for a change) and soprano saxophonist George Howard, a quartet with the synthesizers of Steve Hunt, and "Funny How Time Flies," which has a colorful Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo. Throughout, Clarke's bass has plenty of solo space, and he shows how strong a player he can be when given decent material. - Scott Yanow (AMG)
1  If This Bass Could Only Talk - Clarke 2:30
2  Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Mingus 6:25
3  I Wanna Play for You - Clarke 3:27
4  Stories to Tell - Clarke 3:47
5  Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun) - Harris, Jackson, Lewis 6:05
6  Workin' Man - Clarke 6:26
7  Tradition - Clarke 7:11
8  Come Take My Hand - Clarke 4:09
9  Bassically Taps - Clarke 3:15
If This Bass Could Talk
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