Monday, April 18, 2011

Shilts: Jigsaw Life (2008)

Paul Shilts Weimar hails from London, England and has been playing saxophone since his early teens. His career has spanned all forms of jazz, soul, rock and pop music. He has toured all over the world and performed with a host of international artists, such as The Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Peter White and many more. Eventually Shilts became the most visible and identifiable member of the UK jazz group Down To The Bone. In his eleven years with the group, he remained excited creating a separate identity for himself. He did this with his highly anticipated debut, See What Happens, which earned a 2001 Smooth Jazz Award nomination, followed by his second and highly acclaimed follow up, HeadBoppin. His third and latest release, Jigsaw Life, is a powerful showcase of Shilts' multitude of performing and composing talents, focusing not only on his tenor brilliance but also his instantly infectious melodies.
01. Piece By Piece (5:01)
02. Back On The Hudson (4:30)
03. Smile For Me (4:07)
04. Broken Silence (5:35)
05. Too Close To The Edge (4:36)
06. Listen Up (5:54)
07. Outside The Box (4:44)
08. A Promise Is A Promise (4:39)
09. Ain't It Marvelous (4:49)
10. Time Gentlemen Please (4:38)
Jigsaw Life
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