Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eliane Elias: So Far So Close (1989)

Eliane Elias' debut for Blue Note is a bit of a disappointment. Having established her credentials as a fine acoustic pianist, she switched back to her less personal synthesizer work and contributed some rather mundane wordless vocals. The music (which includes some solos from tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker and Randy Brecker on flugelhorn) is not terrible, but it lacks a sense of adventure and sounds as if potential radio airplay was its main goal.
01. At First Sight (4:53)
02. Bluestone (5:33)
03. Barefoot (4:40)
04. Nightimer (6:10)
05. Still Hidden (1:49)
06. So Far So Close (5:50)
07. Straight Across (to Jaco) (5:44)
08. With You In Mind (2:24)
09. Two Way Street (4:32)
So Far So Close
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