Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bobby Blackston Band: Elevations (2006)

This is a beautiful album, performed with finesse and subtlety. Perfect listening after a hard week on the job. It's got some cool grooves and from what I can hear all the intruments are played live - no cold sounding drum machines or quantized synths. The melodies are developed with a long arch in mind - these guys aren't just riffing or doing licks over a few chords - which is what a lot of the new smooth jazz compositions are based on. This album has real substance and continuity and I believe it will stand the test of time. Highly recommended. - Jason King
01. Fly Into The Rainbow [03:48]
02. Groove Into The Dawn [04:23]
03. Freedom Wave [04:35]
04. Pacific Reflections [04:47]
05. Something In The Past [04:11]
06. Ripples Of Summer [04:45]
07. Grey Noon [04:20]
08. Midnight Shaker [04:03]
09. Keep It On [04:08]
10. Chicken Lickin' [05:17]
11. Fly Into The Rainbow (acoustic Guitar Version) [04:09]
12. Freedom Wave (alternative Version) [06:33]
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