Monday, March 14, 2011

Jimmy Bosch: A Milion (2009)

This is a really fabulous album from the Hendrix of trombone, Mr. ‘Descargarana’ Jimmy Bosch. “? A Million!” references some Spanish expressions that allude to something being great, and also to something that speeds by you with energy to burn at a million miles an hour – and that just about sums up this release. With Mr. Bosch’s recordings, you know you can never go wrong: Jimmy puts his all into the productions, giving you hard-core salsa with a jazz heart – plenty of room for the musicians to cook, with clear sound, hot rhythms, scintillating charts, diverse formats, lyrics that mean something (with sentimiento and humor), and old-school chops for all involved. This record is that and more – watch out, there are some crazy mambo monas here, with all kinds of reeds and brass galore, and of course, the acoustic piano, by Edwin Sanchez as usual, is all real, and all tasty. Jimmy is known for introducing new talent and this time the excellent 24-year-old Boricua sonero ‘Willito’ Otero really heats things up. He also gives his long time backup Colombian singer Johana Castaneda a chance to shine with her sparkling lead vocals on the powerful “Mujeres Manda,” a salsa dura that says: women are in control of their destiny in the industry, and now it’s the men who sing coro! There is also a trombone/bass instrumental that serves as tribute to the influence of all the great bass players Jimmy has accompanied, like Cachao, Bobby Rodriguez, and Andy Gonzalez. Top it off with the carnival party atmosphere conjured by the Mozambique/comparsa “Quedate”, and you have the full Jimmy Bosch experience.
Edwin Sanchez Piano
Jose Tavares, Ruben Rodriguez Bass
Johnny Rodriguez Bongos, cowbell, guiro
Eric Velez Congas, quinto
George Delgado Congas
Raul Agraz Trumpet
Peter Brainen Tenor, soprano sax
Jeff Lederer Tenor sax
Mitch Frohman Bari sax
Mauricio Smith Jr. Flute
Joe Fiedler Trombone
Jimmy Bosch Trombone, lead vocals
Wilfredo Otero Maracas, guiro, lead vocals, coro
Johanna Casteneda Lead vocals
01. Bailalo Si Te Atreves
02. Maracayero
03. Foreclosure Radio Mix
04. Mujeres Mandan
05. Te Adoro Mami
06. Cuantas Veces
07. Quedate
08. Alma Compartido
09. Foreclosure Full Version
!A Millon!
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