Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ruud Weber Band: New Blues (2011)

After two years of touring and two CD’s with the Snowy White Blues Project, singer and bass player Ruud Weber debuts with his own powertrio. Ruud Weber Band is all about modern Blues that flirts with styles like jazz, rock and funk.
Ruud Weber Band started out when he discovered guitarist Lars Müller with his unique guitar style during blues sessions in his hometown. With drummer Rob ter Maat this turned out to be the magic combination for this powertrio.
After many years of live experiences they started recording their debut CD “New Blues” in 2009. Twelve originals revealed a new blues sound that has influences from jazz, rock and funk.
Guitarist Lars Müller turned out to be a master of his instrument creating the perfect crossover between blues and jazz.
Snowy White appears as special quest on the album, playing his classic “Goldtop” Les Paul guitar. Nico Wayne Toussaint from France plays Harmonica on the album.
01. Revolution
02. If I Can't Have You
03. Go Back To Where You Came From
04. Can't Get Enough
05. Just Another Day
06. Out Of Control
07. Change Of Heart
08. Move Over Mister
09. Tell Me Tell Me
10. I Still See You
11. Colours And Shades
12. Take One
Ruud Weber (vocal, bass)
Lars Muller (guitar, vocal)
Rob ter Maat (drums)
special guests:
Snowy White (guitar)
Nico Wayne Toussaint (blues harp)
John Hondorp (Hammond)
New Blues
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