Monday, March 7, 2011

Passport: Doldinger (1971)

Passport is the creation of saxophonist Klaus Doldinger, who has stated that Passport is not so much a set group but a label and a name for his many projects. Doldinger, who had started out playing Dixieland back in the 1950s, by the following decade was a modern tenor saxophonist who also worked in the studios. His mind has always remained quite open and in 1970 he formed Passport to explore the combination of advanced jazz improvising with rockish rhythms. Passport matches Doldinger's reeds (tenor, soprano, flute, and occasional keyboards) with an electric rhythm section. The group's first recording (1971's Passport) also included Olaf Kübler on second tenor and flute, organist Jimmy Jackson, electric bassist Lother Meid, and drummer Udo Lindenberg.
1. Uranus - 6:35
2. Schirokko - 5:48
3. Hexensabbat - 4:27
4. Nostalgia - 5:17
5. Lemuria's Dance - 4:43
6. Continuation - 9:55
7. Madhouse Jam - 5:47
Klaus Doldinger - alto, soprano & tenor saxes, keyboards
Jimmy Jackson - organ
Olaf Kubler - tenor saxophone, flute
Udo Lindenberg - drums
Lothar Meid - bass guitar
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