Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buster Williams: Griot Liberte (2004)

Bassist Buster Williams and his quartet perform six of his originals plus two standards on Griot Liberte. Williams' songs range from the modal "Nomads" and the medium-tempo blues "Related to One" (which includes some complex transitions) to the lyrical ballad "The Triumphant Dance of the Butterfly" and the swinging "Joined at the Hip," which has George Colligan's best solo of the set. Williams takes plenty of solos but is also generous in featuring vibraphonist Stefon Harris and pianist Colligan with drummer Lenny White being stimulating in support. There are times (particularly during "Related to One") when the group sounds a bit like the Modern Jazz Quartet, but other selections find the musicians showing more individuality. They are very much in tune with each other and, although not a touring group, sound as if they play together very regularly. Excellent modern mainstream jazz. ~ Scott Yanow
1. Nomads
2. Related To One
3. The Triumphant Dance Of The Butterfly
4. The Wind Of An Immortal Soul
5. Every Time We Say Goodbye
6. Joined At The Hip
7. Concierto De Aranjuez
8. After The Ninth Wave
Personnel: Buster Williams (double bass);
George Colligan (piano);
Stefon Harris (vibraphone, marimba);
Lenny White (drums)
Griot Liberte (Hybr)
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