Tuesday, March 8, 2011

John Gatti: Destinations (2011)

These are songs I wrote about memorable destinations. Now you can be there by just listening!
"Destinations" consists of songs inspired by some of the many places my wife and I have visited over the years. In these songs I celebrate the exotic as well as the familiar, everything from Caribbean paradises to the Jersey shore, from our nation's busy capital to our peaceful lake community. Musically, I'm giving equal billing to local and international destinations, from Paris, France to the Great Falls, Paterson's new National Park. In composing these pieces, I've tried to interject many of the jazz elements I love best, including Latin rhythms, Funk, New Orleans style, Swing, and strong melodies, to make these tunes as distinctive as the trips that inspired them.
01. Cotton Candy (Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY) (4:12)
02. Watermelon Summer (Long Beach Island, NJ) (3:53)
03. Old San Juan (Puerto Rico) (5:52)
04. Cast Away (Caribbean Island) (4:16)
05. Jet-Glider (Great Falls, Paterson, NJ) (5:35)
06. Saltimboca (New Orleans) (4:15)
07. Struttin' Around Pines Lake (Wayne, NJ) (4:59)
08. Beltway Bossa (Washington, DC) (5:34)
09. Tomorrow's Showers (Seattle, WA) (4:29)
10. Red-Tailed Wally (Lake Converse, Armonk, NY) (4:42)
11. Cooling Down (San Francisco, CA) (4:49)
12. Paree (Paris, France) (3:57)
13. Pepe's Dancing Feet (Atlanta, GA) (5:25)
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