Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graham Haynes: Transition (1996)

Where Miles Davis left off in the recording studio just before his death, cornetist Graham Haynes picks up, continuing to explore the controversial marriage between mainstream jazz and hip-hop rhythms. With the swipe of a scratch turntable, John Coltrane's "Transition" is sent reeling into the hip-hop age (who is to say that the ever-curious Coltrane wouldn't be dabbling in hip-hop if he were still alive?), as do a number of Haynes originals. Yet Haynes also has other fusions and revivals on his mind, sometimes reaching back to Miles' nearly forgotten mid-'70s "jungle band" for fuel. "Walidiya" throws Middle Eastern vocals and a sitar into a lengthy, mesmerizing procession, overseen by Haynes' far-off cornet and Steve Williamson's soprano sax. Haynes even successfully revives one of Miles' least-imitated experiments, the wah-wah-pedal trumpet (or in this case, cornet), on "Mars Triangle Jupiter" and "Freestylin.'" - by Richard S. Ginell, AMG
1. Transition (John Coltrane) 8:00
2. South Node Of The Moon In Pisces (Graham Haynes) 5:28
3. Walidiya (Check Tidiane-Seck/A. Anabi) 11:57
4. Mars Triangle Jupiter (Graham Haynes) 7:10
5. Harmonic Convergence (Brandon Ross) 8:36
6. Freestylin' (Graham Haynes) 7:42
7. Facing The East (Bheki Mseleku) 5:06
8. Com Que Voz (L. De Camoes./A. Oulman) 2:59
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