Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kevan Paul: Parallel Universes (2011)

This album hopes to continue with the innovative use of electric violin in jazz and electronic ambient fusion styles.  Various rhythmic layers interact with melodic violin layers. Complex harmonic overlays and effects of electronic instruments are used to enhance the violin. The Jordan 5-string electric-violin is featured throughout, along with additional acoustic violin tracks. Those who are familar with jazz violin should enjoy this collection.  - Kevan Paul
1. First Chill of Autumn (5:15)
2. Bossa Mee (5:45)
3. Falling Waters (3:03)
4. Recovery Plan (4:12)
5. Natural Disasters (5:00)
6. Hypercycle (5:17)
7. Let Go of Fear (5:18)
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