Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chyco Simeon: Ozanam (2010)

Chyco Simeon was born in 1966 and spent all his childhood in one of the southern suburbs of Paris, Montrouge. He is of Caribbean origin. He was soon aware of his passion for music, a passion inherited from his father, a music lover who introduced him to all sorts of music, jazz, classical music, salsa, with West Indian music as the initial stimulus. Chyco is an autodidact. He started music in 1982. His instrument is the bass guitar (after testing the guitar, keyboards and drums).
He played for Sunshine band, with Tony Chasseur, Mario Cannonge, Pipo Gertrude (now a singer with Malavoi), Philippe Joseph (From Kassav) and Eric Bonheur when he was only sixteen and still at school . This band was quite successful for a time.
From 1984 up to 2010. Chyco has been a leader and guitar arranger for the Crystal band.
Became the reference in studio’s bass guitarist and contributed to many albums that were made in the Caribbean at that time.
He participated to the work of famous West Indians: Katherine Thelamon, Simon Jurad, Gertrude Senin, Zaza, Luther François, Fal frett, Steve Jurad, Fanzi, Claude St Prix, Luther François.
He made his reputation as a composer and a producer when he took part in productions of Georges Debs (producer of Kassav). His experience with Marcus Miller and Michel Alibo, two really gifted bass guitarists helped him. In 1990, back to Paris, he composed for artists like Tatiana Miath (Komeraj, Zouking girl, and Surpriz party) Tony Chasseur (Fanm muzik, …) One year later, he met the singer Serge Ponsar who introduced him to the world of funk and R&B and in collaboration with Arnaud Aubaille, Romano Mussumara (Jeanne Mas, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Garou, Ami Stewart). He wrote for the singer and pianist Carol Welsman. He also worked on remixes for Kassav, Guy, Sweetness and many others.
He then founded the band Washa (Bijou, F Chellaoui, O Chakil and himself) and continued to compose for singers such as Ashanty, Hasheem, O Chakil, with songs like “Le Chemin des Anciens” or “Kiss me tonight” for G-Squad . He also worked in the jazz scene for Mario Cannonge and others. He performed many concerts with his group, Washa, and recorded the single “Tant de combats” (So many battles). Chyco is nfluenced by Caribbean jazz hip-hop music. He performed on many different stages: Baisé salé, La Chapelle des Lombards, New Morning , Elysé Monmartre, L’Omympia.
01. Carribean World
02. Bel Kreati
03. D’Autres Fois
04. Ozanam
05. Neg Mawon
06. Terresainvilles
07. Perfectablement
08. Natheliere
09. Mwen Enmew
10. Chameleon
11. Ste Luce
12. Bwa Brile
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