Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Johnny Tornado's Stormriders: Roll The Dice (2010)

From the dusty tobacco roads of Tillsonburg, Ontario comes Johnny Tornado. A natural born outlaw, he left home at 14 to work in the Canadian tobacco fields. Johnny has traveled throughout Canada, coast to coast, playing his special brand of rockin' blues with the likes of the late, great Dutch Mason, Big Dave McLean and numerous other Canadian blues icons. As a young man he lived a gypsy's life exploring the deep American south, hustling pool and living for the moment. He worked as a carney and when the rides fell silent, Johnny would entertain the carnival crew with his honest and edgy performances. Whenever possible he would frequent the local blues clubs and was a witness to the evolution of the some of the blues masters such as Freddie King and John Lee Hooker. His checkered past brought with it tragedies, setbacks and finally prison time.
At age 40 Johnny emerged from prison with head full of songs and an intention to live his music, his way, on the right side of the law. Though he has appeared on many recordings and has extensive stage experience, Johnny has never made a full length recording of his own … until now.
”Stormriders” chronicles Johnny's life from those early days until the present. The songs are a direct and true reflection of a man who would lay down his life for a true friend. There is a gunslinger's swagger and a ‘devil may care' attitude that permeates his soulful songwriting and performances. He is a true Canadian treasure with a penchant for blues that will rock you to the core. There is a Storm brewing... and it's Johnny Tornado's Stormriders coming to your town!
01. Voodoo Queen
02. Just Like Jimmy Reed
03. Stormriders Ridin'
04. Intentions Were Good
05. Lonely Highway
06. Can't Have It Your Way
07. Kristine
08. Raw To The Bone
09. Ride The Wild Surf (Roll The Dice)
10. Mister Blues
Johnny Tornado (guitars, vocals)
LeeAnn Coleman (vocals)
Adam Drake (drums)
Tim Steinruck (bass, vocals)
Big Dave McLean (guitar, harp)
Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne (piano)
Wes Mackey, Wailin’ Al Walker (guitar, vocals)
Roll the Dice
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