Monday, March 14, 2011

Terence Blanchard: The Heart Speaks (1996)

Although trumpeter Terence Blanchard gets first billing on this recording, it is very much a joint effort with singer-composer Ivan Lins. Not only are all 13 songs by Lins but he sings on all but the three instrumentals although sometimes just wordlessly in the background. Blanchard often harmonizes with Lins' voice, creating a melancholy and dreamy atmosphere. Most selections feature Blanchard's regular rhythm section of the time, augmented by Paulinho Da Costa's percussion and occasionally Oscar Castro-Neves' acoustic guitar. This CD, which is full of haunting ballads along with a few more jubilant numbers, serves as a superior introduction to Lins' music for jazz fans who might only be familiar with his "Love Dance." -- AMG
02.Antes Que Seja Tarde
03.Meu Pais (My Country)
04.Valsa Mineira
05.The Heart Speaks
06.Congada Blues
08.Just For Nana
09.Orizimbo And Rosicler
10.Choros Das Aguas
11.Love Dance,Comecar De Novo
13.Aparecida Reprise
Terence Blanchard — Trumpet, Cello Arrangement
David Bolaavrich — Cello
Oscar Castro-Neves — Guitar
Paulinho Da Costa — Percussion
Troy Davis — Drums
Ivan Lins — Piano, Vocals
David Pulphus — Bass
Edward Simon — Piano
Fred Totkin — Cello
Frederick Zlotkin — Cello
Heart Speaks
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