Saturday, November 13, 2010

3rd Sun: The Journey (2010)

3rd Sun Productions is “Lighting The Way.” We are a team whose desire and passion is to bring hope to community based organizations and those in need by way of donations from music sales. A portion of the proceeds from (debut CD) The Journey will go to the “William B. Smith Transplant Fund” and “The Know Your Worth Foundation, Inc”.
3rd Sun was put together by Rob Young and Steve Dixon. They have been playing music together since they were teenagers in Rahway, NJ. Their friendship and strong desire for music has led them to perform and record with several artists in the NJ/NYC/Atlanta areas including Gurufish, Ascension and Encore. On The Journey they have enlisted the help of two very talented keyboardists’ Emmanuel Burgess and Demetre Simmons. This is the first of many releases for 3rd Sun and features guest appearances from some of the finest musicians and vocalists around.
01. I Gotta Get Away (Featuring Nahjai Soul)
02. Emotional Swing (Featuring Deniz Felder, Rob Young & Steve Dixon)
03. Thursday’s Rain (Featuring Deniz Felder)
04. You’re Getting Closer (Featuring Rev. Victor Tate)
05. My Heart Has Moved On (Featuring Reggie Calhoun)
06. Not Coming Home (Featuring Noni Keyton & Mike Waddell)
07. Chakra Seven (Featuring Chops Horns - Darryl Dixon, Dave Watson & Freddie Hendrix)
08. Something Special (Featuring Nahjai Soul)
09. Morning After (Featuring Deniz Felder)
10. Got It Now (Featuring Noni Keyton)
11. Sapphire Stone (Featuring Rob Young)
12. Hello Ole Friend (Featuring Peter Graham)
Emanuel Burgess: Keyboards
Reggie Calhoun: Guitar
Darryl Dixon: Alto Sax
Steve Dixon: Drums
Deniz Felder: Tenor Sax
Peter Graham: Guitar
Natasha “Nahjai Soul” Johnson: Vocals
Noni Keyton: Vocals
Demetre Simmons: Keyboards
Rev. Victor Tate: Inspirational Word
Mike Waddell: Guitar
Dave Watson: Tenor Sax, Flute
Rob Young: Bass, Keyboards, Guitar & Programming
The Journey
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