Wednesday, November 3, 2010

George Duke: Thief in the Night (1985)

George Duke: Here are some great musicians on the record. Steve Ferrone did the majority of the drumming (aside from the Synclavier drums); Paul Jackson on guitar, Paulinho Da Costa on percussion; and Louis Johnson on bass.I had some valid musical ideas, but they just couldn't be sustained by my vocal ability. In other words, in general the material is good, but I should have used other lead vocalists whose voice and vocal ability fit the songs better.
01. I Surrender
02. Thief In The Night
03. Remembering The Sixties
04. We're Supposed To Haven Fun
05. Ride
06. Love Mission
07. Jam
08. Why
09. La La
George Duke - Rhodes,Synclavier II,acoustic piano,vocals,Yamaha PF15
Louis Johnson - bass
Paul Jackson,Jr. - guitar
Steve Ferrone - drums
Paulinho Da Costa - percussion,background vocals
Lynn Davis - background vocals
Lena Sunday - background vocals
Ricky Lawson - hi hat,cymbals
Alice Murrell - background vocals
Carl Carlwell - background vocals
Robert Brookins - background vocals
John Robinson - drums
Jon Fiore - lead vocals,background vocals
Howard Hewett - background vocals
Deniece Williams - background vocals
Chuck Gentry - guitar
Thief in the Night
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