Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pat Martino: Think Tank (2003)

THINK TANK was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album. "Africa" was nominated for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo.
Despite a serious condition in the late 1970s that left him with the sketchiest of memories of his past, Pat Martino rehabilitated his life and his formidable career with superhuman determination. Claiming that the people his music attract--players, students, fans--are ultimately what is important to him, and that his chosen instrument is "just an apparatus," this guitar master re-learned his instrument from his own earlier recordings and climbed back to the top of his game.
Martino's considerable musical palette includes Coltrane (they met through the legendary teacher Dennis Sandole), Tristano, modalism, and, finally, ersatz psychedelia, which in his oeuvre, often stands in for balladry (yes, Pat likes to play fast). On THINK TANK, he is joined by a group of New York-based players with enough cache to make any producer greedily rub their hands together in anticipation. This music, largely Martino originals, combines a floating lyricism with sharp, clean-cut corners. Worthy contributions come from the solid rhythm section of Christian McBride and Lewis Nash and the driving, uncompromising solos of Gonzalo Rubalacaba and Joe Lovano.
1. The Phineas Trane (Harold Mabern)
2. Think Tank (Pat Martino)
3. Dozen Down (Pat Martino)
4. Sun On My Hands (JIm Rid
5. Africa (John Coltrane)
6. Quatessence (Pat Martino)
7. Before You ASk (Pat Martino)
8. Earthlings (Joe Ford)
Pat Martino - guitar
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - piano
Christian McBride - bass
Lewis Nash - drums
Think tank
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