Friday, November 5, 2010

Gerald Gradwohl: Sally Beth Roe (2009)

With this recent, rock orientated, instrumental CD “Sally Beth Roe”, “guitar-slinger extraordinair” Gerald Gradwohl and his two fellow musicians are challenging and teasing the listener at the same time, serving well-sounding surprises piece by piece – footing on the peculiarity of the compositions, the improvisations and the harmony of the trio.
On his 2009 release “Sally Beth Roe” guitarist Gerald Gradwohl pulls all the stops of his musical skills. “As much composition as necessary and as much improvisation as possible” seems to be the dogma and the point of view of fusion-music of today for this worldwide known and acknowledged composer and performer, living in Wr. Neustadt, Austria.
Out of the tiniest motives, Gradwohl manages to develop breathtaking solos based on steaming grooves or balladesque sound collages. Some kind of somnambulistic playing with the guys in the trio, Farid Al-Shami on drums and Jojo Lackner on bass, let creative things happen. The challenge of playing music like an explorer on a voyage discovering interesting new dimensions in music is spontaneously transported to the listener either by listening to the CD and at live concerts as well. The audience is literally not only animated to listen but to explore.
01. Sally Beth Roe
02. Tunnel Elevator
03. Joe's Place
04. Blues For Ben
05. Maths
06. Viper
07. Wayne II
08. Time To Play
09. Hope
10. No Matter
11. Stevie
12. Joni
Sally Beth Roe
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