Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chris Brisciano: Second Take (2009)

A brand new band out of Kansas City, I do believe that this group hit it on the head on their very first try & did an excellent job.
The title track kicks off the CD with an up-tempo, moving piece that features a nice solo by saxophonist Steve Phillips. In fact the whole band gets into the groove on this one. " "E" Jam" is another groove with a memorable hook line through out which reminds me of an old Max Groove (Kansas City native) tune "Midnight Rain." "Road To Damascus" is a very up-tempo song that has the band clicking on all cylinders with the saxophone as the lead. "Mustard Seed" lets the guitar player, Chris Brisciano share the spotlight with Phillips on this tasty track. The band shows its versatility with a straight-ahead piece appropriately called "The Standard" and a Gospel feel good tune, "Blessed Assurance."
Playing this CD on the radio got instant reaction on the phones wanting to know more. Check it out, you'll be glad you did. It's better than most of the material I receive.
01. Second Take (4:12)
02. "E" Jam * (3:48)
03. eDrive (4:53)
04. Amen (3:34)
05. Cocoa * (3:52)
06. Burrito (3:55)
07. Jambourine (5:22)
08. Daily Grind (3:45)
09. Fro (3:59)
10. Rising In The East (4:10)
11. Road To Damascus (3:45)
12. Slammin' The Groove (4:02)
Chris Brisciano - Keys/Guitar
Steve Phillips - Sax
Rod Lincoln - Drums
Dave Weckl * - Drums
James Albright - Bass
Second Take
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