Saturday, November 6, 2010

Regina Carter: Reverse Thread (2010)

Violinist Regina Carter looked back to American Standards and other classic material on 2006’s I’ll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey. For her follow-up, 2010’s Reverse Thread, Carter turns her attention to African sources, both traditional and modern, while also incorporating elements from other cultures, creating hard-to-classify music that spotlights violin and accordion. A variety of musicians make contributions here, with drummer Alvester Garnett contributing to 11 of the 12 tracks. On the opener, “Hiwumbe Awumba"" (based on a traditional song of the Ugandan Jews), Carter and guitarist Adam Rogers spin out solos, accordionist Will Holshouser riffs and comps, and Garnett and bassist Chris Lightcap drive the rhythm. “Full Time,” written and arranged by guest Senegalese bassist Mamadou Ba, has room for Yacouba Sissoko’s kora stylings, touches of reggae, and soaring violin. On the Papa Vasquez-penned “Un Aguinaldo Pa Regina” the band nods toward Puerto Rico, and Gary Versace’s accordion and Carter’s violin also bring Argentinean tango to mind."
01. Hiwumbe Awaumba [4:50]
02. Full Time [5:59]
03. N'Teri [5:52]
04. Artistiya [3:56]
05. Un Aguinaldo Pa Regina [5:27]
06. Kothbiro (Intro) [0:31]
07. Kothbiro [6:03]
08. Zerapiky [3:57]
09. Day Dreaming on the Niger [6:15]
10. Juru Nani / God Be with You [4:09]
11. Kanou [5:52]
12. Mwana Talitambula [4:32]
Regina Carter: violin
Yacouba Sissoko: kora
Adam Rogers: guitar
Will Holshouser & Gary Versace: accordion
Chris Lightcap & Mamadou Ba: bass
Alvester Garnett: drums, percussion
Reverse Thread
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